Wednesday, September 28, 2011

japan design home

Japan house interior design, most models adopt a simple / minimalist, whether modern or traditional forms. Furniture in the house is usually very simple and boxy, just like feature minimalist furniture. This is because the selection of furniture is more to the function, not as an ornamental.
in virtue of home design, Japanese try to take full advantages of spaces
Minimalist bedroom interior design of japanese style.
Yakisugi House, Japanese House Design, modern
Your house must not have the shape of the Japanese

Creating Bedroom Japanese Style in Your Home Knowing the world is

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Most Beautiful House in the World

The Most Beautiful House in the World

house is very grand and luxurious world, with prices prices sngat wow, here is a selection of photos of our elected.
unique The Most Beautiful House in the World the colored full white
pool The Most Beautiful House in the World
traditional The Most Beautiful House in the World
wow, in china The Most Beautiful House in the World
pool indoors The Most Beautiful House in the World
The Most Beautiful House in the World

Monday, September 26, 2011

hotel v lavender

Hotel Lavender Singapore photos,Images of V Hotel Lavender
singapore-hotels-V Hotel Lavender-lobby3
singapore-hotels-V Hotel Lavender-lobby2
V Hotel Lavender,Singapore - Free N Easy Travel - Hotel Resorts
V Hotel Lavender - Singapore - Triple Room
V Hotel Lavender - Singapore - Superior Room

Saturday, September 24, 2011

arabic home design

Private house. Presentation rendering. 3D MAX 7 & VRAY
Islamic Art of Arabic Interior Design - Home Interior
asa Arabic – Amazing House Design in Barcelona
eywords arabian interior design,Burj Al Arab,burj al arab

Gabala, Syrian Arab Republic. Arab home interior, Saudi Arabia
dubai interior design |burj dubai interior photos |arabic home design
Burj Al Arab Interior Design | House Design Trends

Friday, September 23, 2011

Luxury Spanish House Design

Luxury Spanish House interior Design. Luxury Home Design Costa Rica by luxurious taste,Costa Rica is an exotic country in Central America with a few landscapes bewilderingly offers a unique living experience. Country name is the Spanish “Rich Coast”, it is not surprising that the house would like to introduce today is defined by luxury. This modern residence is situated at Playa Hermosa, Jaco Beach and unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean. facade of floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light during the day and allows residents and visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery. This luxurious home home theater home with amazing seats 10 people and space games cool to get rid of accumulated stress during the day. Contemporary interior design, offering a smooth colorful decor items that are able to create a warm atmosphere and a via homedesign.
Luxury Spanish House Design Ideas Contemporary Styles
This is Spanish house design ideas from James Glower for your house remodeling inspiration. This is absolutely modern Spanish house design combine with classic traditional styles. Here it is best sample Spanish home design photos gallery with luxury and contemporary styles for your inspiration.
uxury spanish home interior layouts

Luxury Spanish House with unique design
luxury spanish house interior
Luxury Spanish House with elegant Design
classic spanish house design
Spanish Office Room Design

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Girly Bedroom Decoration

room for girls, identical with the bright colors and feminine, like the color pink and cream, yellow, and bright colors other, rooms girls always look cute and feminine, usually girls are more like to collect dolls to decorate her room to make it look funny .
Girly Bedroom Decoration so feminim for girl
Girly Bedroom Decoration lexury
Girly Bedroom Decoration so cute room
Girly Bedroom Decoration simple but exlusiv
Girly Bedroom Decoration for girl adult
Girly Bedroom Decoration cute and sweet room

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

blue dining room

Blue Room
Blue Room...
You saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own...

Well, no need to despair, these blue rooms will fill your heart with all kinds of love and inspire some wonderful dreams. I have always been the girl who loved all things blue - whenever I had to choose between something pink or blue, I always preferred the latter. Why should home decor be any different? These rooms run the gamut of blues and demonstrate the many tints and tones of blue as well as the limitless colors you can use for your accents. Contrary to what you may believe, the right color blue can be a neutral and soothing backdrop for your art, and looks surprisingly good against the warm tone of wood floors.
I actually love the look so much that I have decided to use blue in three different rooms in my new home. The foyer is a deep navy, the master bedroom is another deep, dark blue, and the office is a soft, light, winter blue. (pictures will follow as soon as everything is actually designed and the rooms are no longer empty)

In the mean time, just enjoy and consider these the good kind of blues. :-)
Blue Dining Room: Colors affect our minds, our physiologies, and our social interactions. The colors you choose when decorating a room can have an effect on any occasion that you hold there. The dining room is a place of delicate social situations that occurs between the most intimate of relationships. By first considering the psychological effects of the following colors, one can help to make the dining room a more relaxing place to eat and gather.(hkm)
The living room: all neutral with pops of blues and pinks. Note how Kasler brings pink in with the trim on the chair skirts and the velvet on a french chair. The blues come from the lampshades, the trumeau mirror, and the porcelain dishes.
A closer view. Kasler layered an antique rug over sisal: highs and lows, a Kasler trademark.
Classic Kasler: hand painted de Gournay wallpaper is matched with slip covers on the English antique chairs. The slips keep the formal furniture from seeming stuffy. As a result, this room appears fresh and young enough for a lively family with children.

gray dining room

Gray/Grey Dining Rooms
I have a new obsession with gray dining rooms, I love the elegant look - Gray is such a wonderful color. If done correctly it can be warm and elegant. Very often I see cream woodwork and one or two simple black accents; both help make the color pop. Here are a few of my favorites: This dining room was designed by one of my favorite designers, Jane Showers and Associates. I love the how the ebony table anchors the space while all the other pieces in the room are light and airy. The huge mirror, which reflects the buffet across the room adds a layer of drama. The chandelier looks like it could be from Julie Neill Designs and the ceiling has a pearlized look. Lovely!
This gray dining room is actually an illusion. It has black and white printed walls which gives an overall feeling of gray. Very chic. The striped chairs and traditional style table go beautifully with the more traditional style of the room. The art work adds the black accents. Hard to tell exactly, but perhaps antique architectural prints, framed in ebony. A crystal chandelier adds sparkle.
Here is a country inn - this gray reads a bit more blue to me. The cherry wood is good compliment. I also find the pinkish-creamy ceiling pretty but I do not like chandelier. It seems too informal and too small for the space.
This room really speaks to me. Here is a wonderful example of gray in a more austere room. The windows open to a spectacular view. Often the wrong color can compete with view. This gray is a perfect compliment to the outdoors - it actually enhances the view.
The lighting adds the perfect accent of black with out overpowering the space. Add in the texture of the sisal rug, the simple lines of the furniture, the soft color palette of the upholstery, and viola! Perfect!
Jane Showers & Associates