Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bathroom Color Ideas

Bathroom Color Ideas

Your bathroom is the smallest room in your home, and as such, is often treated like an afterthought. Most people don’t think a lot about the colours that their bathroom is painted. Yet bathroom paint colours can have more of an impact on your life than you think.

Paint colours for bathrooms ar as important as the paint colours you choose for the rest of your home. There is such a plethora of bathroom color ideas, that you can just let the colours you choose be influenced by your personal style and the mood you’re trying to set.

Don’t forget to consider the effect of color on mood. You might have already through this for the rest of your home. You might have elect to make your bedroom a assuasive blue, to calm you and help you rest. Your front room may be a more active color, like red or orange, to help you feel energized.

pink bathroom color ideas

orange bathroom color ideas

blue bathroom color ideas

brown bathroom color ideas


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