Wednesday, October 5, 2011

pink house

What fun it would be to live in a PINK house!!! Dontcha think? Take a look at these wonderful pink houses that I found. I ask you "What could be better than a PINK house?"

cute pink design house
store cute pink house
I adore this one!!!
I don't really thing a PINK house is in my future. I don't think hubby would agree to it !!! lol's sure fun to dream!!!
unique pink house
luxury house pink best pic


  1. Gosh i really love this. I wanna make my one hose full of pink stuffs and decors. love it. makes me inspired though.

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  2. My daughter wants to have a pink house too. I’d love to redecorate and color our house, pink for her but, my husband simply does not agree. :( I guess we’re in the same situation. I insisted, though, to still paint my angel’s room pink, to make her feel like an actual princess. I’m happy that I was able to convince my husband. We’ll start the painting at the end of the month.

    Kate Morgan